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About Us

Meet the Global Cosmetics LTD, the company that sets new standards in professional hair products.

Anyone can write (make) ads for professional hair products, but a few can offer products that don’t need advertising, products that speak for themselves.

Global Cosmetics is a family company established in 2017 by a pharmacist and a team of specialist with 35 yars of experience in pharmacy and field of professional hair cosmetics.

The company’s team works with experienced technologists and ingredient experts from Europe to apply the latest scientific and dermatological research.

The company is strictly specialized in the production of selective professional hair cosmetics with tested and proven formulas with carefully selected herbal active ingredients for maximum efficiency and minimal risk of side effects, the company is fully focused on solving problems related to hair and scalp.


Hair and scalp care is our top priority.

The company has own production base . All products of the company are manufactured with tested and proven cosmetics formulas from Spain, France, Italy and the United States. They contain herbal (plant) ingredients and essential oils, don’t contain sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, silicones and colorants. Products are not tested on animals. They are Dermatological tasted .

After three years of research and development of innovative formulas to optimize the action of action of active ingredient for maximum benefit and effectiveness, in 2020 the company launched its first hair products under the “Preve Laboratories” brand.

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  • globalcosmetic@abv.bg

  • гр. Силистра, ул. Тутракан №18

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